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Party Magic is an entertainment agency owned and operated by Magician Wes Iseli. 
Party Magic has lots of professional entertainers to choose from: DJ's, Jugglers, Magicians, Clowns,
Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Story Tellers, and Seasonal Characters.

All available 365 days a year. No job is too big or small. We provide entertainment for:
Company Picnics, Lodge Meetings, Schools, Family Reunions, Kid's Parties, Festivals,
Grand Openings, Country Clubs, Weddings, Fund Raisers, and much more!

All of our entertainers have tons of experience having done hundreds of shows of all kinds!

We at Party Magic strive to be the very best in family entertainment. All of our entertainers have lots of experience and tons of talent. All of our entertainers are hand picked and we stand behind all of them 100%.

Our magicians are all very different in style and in what they offer. Prices may vary depending on who is available and travel time.

Our DJ's play anything you want; oldies, country, rock, pop, rap, disco, bluegrass, top 40, kids stuff, or just background music. Some of our DJ's are so busy they book a year in advance so if you're thinking about having a DJ at your next party, call now.

Our jugglers are very talented. They juggle anything you throw at them from 2, 3, 4, 5 balls to clubs or knives, you will be on the edge of your seat. Some ride unicycles, some balance chairs on their nose; they have spent hundreds of hours developing their skills and you will see it was time well spent.

Our clowns are very funny. They do magic, play games, face paint, do balloon animals and more. We at Party Magic love clowns, but that isn't the same for everyone. If you are thinking about having a clown at your next party, remember 1 out of 10 people are scared of clowns. Make sure your audience feels the same as you do.

When we started the business in 1996 we only had DJ's jugglers, magicians & clowns.

Now we offer:

  • Balloon artists
  • Face painters
  • Story tellers
  • Seasonal characters
  • Caricature artists


Call Us Today for availability and prices anytime toll free at 1.877.987.4201


Wes Iseli's

Everyone has flipped a coin. Everyone knows the outcome is random, OR IS IT?.

Imagine how amazing it would be to predict the outcome of a coin toss before it has been flipped

What if you could predict the outcome of 6 coin flips revealing that you knew which ones the spectator would get wrong before a single coin has been flipped

What if you could whittle down 1500 people in an auditorium until you are only left with 1 person and then the prediction that an audience member has been holding reveals in detail the winner
This has been in every show I have done since it's development from close up, kids parties, Corporate, and even my full evening illusion shows.
I love this effect and I know you will too.


Professors Nightmare

Now you can perform one of the most popular rope
tricks of all time.

Show three lengths of rope, each of a different length. One is long, the second is of medium length, and the third is a short piece.

Gathering the ropes together, you give them a deft tug. As if made of rubber, the ropes magically stretch and shrink. They are now all the same length!

The ropes are counted, each one seen to be the same length as the others. Then, just as magically, they
revert to their original state - three unequal ropes!

Everything can now be examined. The Professors' Nightmare is easy to learn from these illustrated step-by-step instructions. All of the necessary details have been described and illustrated.

Three pieces of special, professional-grade rope have
also been included so you can get started right away!



101 Tricks with a Svengauli Deck Book

This terrific booklet will show you 101 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious magical tools.

The Svengali Deck.

Don’t limit your use of this fabulous deck to one or two effects.

With this booklet, you can learn to use the
special secret of the Svengali Deck to perform incredible feats.

Learn such effects as: Mind reading, Bigger and Better, The Svengali Tap, The Svengali Scramble, The Telepathic Tattle, Bottom’s Up, Good Vibrations and many, many more!

You can look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just a few short moments.


The most popular trick deck of all time.

A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch!

The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck. The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack - but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again!

101 Tricks with a Stripper Deck

Amaze your friends and family without years of practice!

The Stripper Deck has been a magical classic for many years, but why limit yourself to a few effects?

The routines and suggestions within this booklet will help you to perform like a professional without learning any complicated sleight-of-hand.

Use the special secret of the Stripper Deck to: magically separate an entire suit from a fully shuffled deck,

Use your incredible sense of touch to feel and identify the spectator’s card, instantly find any card that has been hidden and shuffled into the deck, communicate with “invisible spirits” that will report the selected card’s location, mentally force a group of people to think that they all selected the same card and perform many other amazing feats!



Perform incredible feats of card magic which will make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes.

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician then lets the SPECTATOR shuffle the deck completely losing their card in the middle of the pack.

The deck is then handed back to the magician who cuts the cards one time and the selected card magically rises to the top of the deck! The card is then placed back in the middle of the pack and shuffled again by the spectator.

Magically the magician takes the pack and removes the spectators selected card right out of the middle of the deck!

This effect can be immediately repeated with a different card!



A traditional fire wallet, at an attractive price.

The magician removes his wallet from his pocket. When he opens the wallet, flames leap out of it!

The magician closes the wallet and when he opens it again, everything appears above board. The wallet appears ordinary in every way.


Everyday Objects DVD

On this DVD, you'll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with items available around the house.

And no complicated sleight of hand is required! In fact, these bafflers are, for the most part, entirely impromptu. After watching this DVD, you'll be able to make magic with everyday objects just about any time and anywhere.

With DVD Technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

This DVD will teach you how to:

-Predict the rolls of a set of dice!

-Tear a paper napkin to shreds and then, suddenly, make it whole again!

-Cause your personal information to materialize on blank business -cards!

-Make a rubber band penetrate through your flesh!

-And much, much more.


Instant Miracles DVD
Miracle-making made easy!

With the techniques and methods explained on Instant Miracles, you will learn classic, stunning magic tricks
- easily. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to conjure with items found around the house, at a
restaurant or even in your pocket. No special props are required. While the tricks on this DVD pack a wallop, none of them require complicated sleight of hand to accomplish.

Each effect you will learn was selected because it is both unfathomable to the uninitiated spectator, and is
easy to perform, even for beginning magicians. It is this combination of easy-to-do yet powerful tricks that
makes Instant Miracles an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of magic.

On this DVD you will learn:

-Mind reading via cell phone!

-How to levitate a borrowed pencil!

-To pull a coin through a spectator's tightly clenched fist!

-How to cut and restore an unprepared length of rope!

-To predict the numbers on three randomly-rolled dice!

-And much more!

Money DVD
On this DVD, you'll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with everyone's favorite ordinary item - money.

Bills and coins grab interest immediately, and can be rustled up at a moment's notice, making the tricks on this DVD ready to perform practically any time and anywhere. And best of all, there's no difficult sleight of hand to learn.

With DVD Technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific
performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

This DVD will teach you how to:

-Balance a dollar bill on your hand and cause it to slowly lay down on command!

-Push a pencil through the center of a bill yet leave no hole!

-Vanish a marked penny from one hand and cause it to appear under the other!

-Cause two bills to melt through each other - right under a spectator's nose!

-And much, much more!

Cards DVD

Armed with an ordinary deck of cards and the information on this DVD, you'll gain a reputation as a master magician in no time.

This broadcast quality program teaches you how to perform incredible feats any time, and anywhere - with any deck. And best of all, no complicated sleight of hand is involved.

With DVD technology, learning magic is easier than ever. By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations and performances, it becomes simple to master the fundamentals of these marvelous magic tricks.

This DVD will teach you how to:

· See into the future by naming the card a spectator will select!

· Discover the identity of a chosen card by simply feeling a spectator's pulse!

· Predict which hour of the day someone will name by making a clock dial out of cards!

· Repeatedly deal yourself a winning poker hand and then a Royal Flush in Spades!

· And much, much more.


Simply Psychic is the finest introduction to mental magic on DVD, from the art's finest practitioner - Ross

Imagine reaching inside someone’s head and discovering his innermost thoughts. On Simply Psychic, Ross Johnson performs and explains the impossible the unexplainable.
The effects on Simply Psychic are as evocative and thought-provoking as they are entertaining -- not mere magic tricks. Best of all, they’re aimed at the beginning mentalist, and require few, if any special props.

Ross’ clear and concise teaching makes every effect easy to understand. Each explanation is peppered with
carefully considered, professional advice, hints and tips - salient points that professionals will find invaluable.

Watch Simply Psychic, learn the material and perform.
It’s that simple.

On this DVD you will learn:

· How to interrupt the thought and speech patterns of an entire audience - psychically!

· To predict the outcome of future events, including the flip of a coin and the selection of a card!

· What a spectator will do before even he knows!

· And much, much more!

Art of Levitation

Touch the sky!

With the techniques and methods explained on The Art of Levitation you can learn how to levitate. Not just
small objects, even yourself! This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to cause objects to float in space,
defying the law of gravity.

You'll learn the basics of the Art of Levitation, and beyond. Magician Arthur Tracy will teach you, step-by step,
the inner-workings of these incredible tricks, many of them modern-day classics of magic.

What's more, Tracy has given each of these effects an original twist or original presentation, breathing new
life into them.

On this DVD you will learn how to:

· Animate a borrowed finger ring!

· Suspend a drinking straw on the edge of the table!

· Spin a card around your body!

· Float inches off the ground with no special props or

· Cause a card to rise from the pack - even while it is isolated in a wine glass!

· Levitate a borrowed dollar bill and produce a ball bearing from it!

· And much more!


Fun Magic Coloring Book
One of the finest tricks in magic.

A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures - by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled in the black and white pictures! For a fitting finale, all the pages change back to their original state - blank!
Royal Magic Coloring book is the finest on the market. Changes from blank pages to outlined pages to
colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease.

If you can flip through a book, you can perform this
astonishing trick!

The Color Changing Magic Wand
One of the easiest tricks to perform.

This is a nice quality good looking black magic wand with brass tips.

All you do is wave your hand over it and the wand changes to a red magic wand with brass tips. Super easy!

A must have for any magician!
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Balloon Sculpting
Vol 1

Balloon sculpture is a fun, easy and fascinating pastime. And best of all, it's easier than you ever could imagine.

Balloon sculptures are wonderful adjuncts to the performances of magicians and clowns. Souvenirs made of bright, colorful balloons are popular with children of all ages, and adults, too. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to make incredible creations like a professional balloon artist in just minutes.

With DVD technology, learning how to make balloon animals is simple. By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations, mastering the fundamentals of these works of balloon art is easier than ever before.

This DVD will teach you how to create over 30 sculptures, including:

· Flowers
· Hats
· A Butterfly
· A Rocking Horse
· A Parrot on a Swing
· A Clown


Balloon Sculpting
Vol 2

Learn the tips, twists and techniques to transform ordinary balloons into delightful, extraordinary sculptures.

This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to make incredible creations like a professional balloon artist in just minutes!

The easy-to-learn, fun balloon sculptures you will discover in this video include: a bee on a flower, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a stork carrying a baby, a rainbow in a cloud, a Christmas wreath, a motorcycle and rider, and many others!

Perfect for clowns or magicians, beginners or experts, this video can make anyone
into a balloon artist! A perfect sequel to Balloon Magic Made Easy, with Joe Lefler as Tricky the Clown, this incredible DVD presents Joe again, taking balloon sculpture where it has never gone before!


Balloon Sculpting
Vol 3

Learn the twists, tips, and techniques to transform balloons into delightful sculptures.

This broadcast quality video teaches you how to make incredible creations like a professional balloon artist in just minutes. Here is a sample of the easy-to-learn, fun balloon sculptures you will discover in this wonderful video:

· Pacifier
· Santa Claus
· Pink Cartoon Panther
· Little Cartoon Mermaid
· Roadrunner
· Coyote
· Several Funny Hats
· Many Others Perfect for clowns & magicians, beginners or experts.


Double action balloon

An excellent utility for all balloon workers, be they professionals or amateurs.

Both the upstroke and down stroke of this pump push air into your balloons, making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.

Quality construction for durability. Each component is of molded plastic.



It's an inexpensive, easy to use, pretty hard to break, hand pump.

This is just the thing for students who might break the more expensive dual
action pumps.

It has an inner compartment where you can keep some spare balloons so it makes a nice little traveling kit. It's a great deal for the price.

Bag of

Qualatex has set the standard in twister's balloons since the early 90's.
They are the best in ballooning!

250 count bag of balloons

100 count bag of balloons

50 count bag of balloons



Jim Pace's "The Web" will out-impact any other effect in your repertoire.

For those that want to go for the jugular and take no prisoners, the Web gets a more visceral reaction than any card effect ever created! In fact, there are some people you simply should not do this effect for because it starts out so innocently, yet ends with such a startling reaction!

The effect, this makes 'em jump up and scream! Four blank cards are counted onto the spectator's palm up hand. Then pictures of spider webs appear and disappear from the faces of the cards. To conclude, the spectator is asked to wave his hands over the cards. As he does, he discovers a large, realistic spider on the back of his hand. The spider is undetectable, and you are way ahead! At the right time, in the right place, this receives an unprecedented response!


Select Color

6 inch
An assortment of colors available. $2.00
Tarbell course
in magic
THE classic course in magic.

First published in 1926 as a correspondence course, the Tarbell course in magic (an eight volume, hard bound book series) is the only introduction to magic universally accepted as required reading for all magicians.

Its eight volumes detail (with crystal clear illustrations) the fundamentals of each
branch of the magical art - from mentalism and coin magic, to stage illusions and
card tricks. Chapters on magic history, publicity, and stage deportment round out
the Tarbell course, making it much more than a series of books about tricks.

Harlan Tarbell created a masterwork with his course in magic. His forethought
shines through as his books continue to be best sellers around the world. Don't
overlook these books!

They are the essential building blocks of any serious magical entertainer or enthusiast's education.
  Tarbell course in magic Volume 1

  Tarbell course in magic Volume 2 through Volume 7

Select Course Volume 2 - 7

  Tarbell course in magic Volume 8

  Complete Tarbell course in magic All 8 volumes (A $40.00 Savings)



of card tricks

How to perform over 600 card tricks, devised by the worlds greatest magicians.

66 illus. Includes work on the Nikola card system, and tricks that run the gamut from knuckle-busters to self-working miracles.


Self working card tricks
72 spectacular and entertaining tricks: card locations, coincidence tricks, mental magic with cards, tricks with double endings, tricks with two decks, predictions, tricks with borrowed decks, trick poker deals

Easy to learn, clearly illustrated, these tricks produce spectacular effects with a minimum of practice.



101 tricks
with thumb tip book

Learn how to become an expert Thumb Tip manipulator.

This book provides all the basics, and then some. Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want. That's
the sort of versatility a Thumb Tip can provide you with. The Thumb Tip is commonly used by amateur magicians. But professionals find it indispensable to their work, too. With careful thinking and a minimum amount of practice, you can use the Thumb Tip in a number of diabolical ways to astound even the most
hardened audience.

The step by step instructions in this book give you all the details on how to work
miracles with this secret device.




With this finger you can perform all the tricks done with the Thumb Tip but you can also fool the people than know the Thumb Tip.

The Finger Tip is also a suitable thumb tip for teenagers



Color changing ball to jumbo square
The magician shows a red sponge ball.

After a series of tricky moves with both hands, the magician asks
spectators which hand they think the ball is hidden in. The spectators always guess wrong - in one hand is a BLACK sponge ball, and in the other is a red sponge cube.

The red sponge ball is in the magician's pocket!



Shades of Houdini!

With this trick from FUN Incorporated's Royal Magic division, you can escape
from a padlocked chain that spectators bind you in. The escape is foolproof and instantaneous.

Complete with professional instructions, padlock, keys and chain. Guaranteed easy to do.

color changing hankerchief
Two handkerchiefs, tied together, magically change colors when the magician passes his hand over them!

Very easy to do - even for the beginning magician. Economically priced. Supplied complete with special handkerchiefs and instructions.


Cups &
Royal Magic's best seller of all time!

Three solid cups are shown. Three unprepared balls are shown. The
balls then penetrate the bottom of each cup, time and time again. No sleight of hand is involved. Many more routines are possible with this beginners set. This is a great foundation for the budding magician to
begin with.

One of the oldest tricks in magic.

Cups &
balls book
For centuries, the Cups and Balls has fascinated audiences and magicians alike.

The trick has been featured by nearly every great performer in the history of the art, in nearly every venue, from street corners to Broadway theaters.
It is likely the most popular magic trick of all time. Inside this booklet you will learn through clear, step-by step instructions, the essentials of this fascinating effect. Methods and moves for beginners - easy for
anyone to learn - are taught alongside intermediate and advanced sleight of hand techniques.

Dai Vernon's classic, "Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine," recognized as a modern magical classic, is described in minute detail as well.
You will learn: False Transfers, Complete Routines, How to Select the Proper Equipment, Loading Techniques, How to Construct Patter, To Develop a Unique Performance, How to Misdirect an Audience, and more. In short, the Cups and Balls is a complete lesson in sleight of hand. It's time to get to work! "The Cups and Balls carries a stunning impact. It makes an impression, a lasting impression...It has evolved into the magician's 'perfect' trick...It is no small wonder that this uncomplicated illusion has been around for two millennia." - From the introduction by Bob Read, noted lecturer, performer and authority on the Cups and Balls


to dimes
Double your money by magic!

This precision made brass prop makes dreams come true - it doubles money like magic. The magician places a stack of nickels on the table and covers it with a brass cap. Instantly, the nickels have turned into a stack of dimes! There is no sleight of hand involved in the trick.

Complete with detailed instructions and all necessary apparatus. The cap can be examined before and after the trick by the most attentive spectator. There's nothing to find!

coin box
One of the most popular pocket tricks of all time.

A coin is borrowed, and vanishes from the magician's fingertips. A small box is removed from the magician's pocket. This is handed to the spectator, who opens the box. Inside he finds a matchbox, encircled with rubber
bands. Inside the matchbox, the spectator finds a small bag, also closed with a rubber band. Inside the bag is the missing coin!
The Magical Life of Jordon by wes iseli

The Magical Life of Jordon
The Magical life of Jordan 
This is a story of a boy named Jordan, who is the son of one of today's top illusionists. Jordan had picked up a lot of secrets of magic and finds that this information isn't just for stage; it can also be used on a daily basis.
Jordan gets to test out his theory when he is sent to a boarding school called Wellington Academy. On his first day at his new school he overhears that $3,000.00 was stolen from the drama department and he hopes to solve this mystery using only the tricks of the trade and a lot of magical knowledge.

This book also comes with a DVD that will teach you some of the magic tricks that Jordan performed in the book.

Plus a bonus effect: You will receive the secrets and kit of necessary props to make household items levitate such as dollar bills, finger rings, and playing cards
Wes Iseli's Magic Illusion Kit

Wes Iseli's Magic & Illusion Kit
You too can be a Magician!
With Our Magic Kit , YOU will be able to perform amazing magic.

This set includes tricks both magic classics as well as new effects.

The effects included are easy to do yet completely baffling. Contains over 75 tricks including basic sleight of hand, self working tricks, mindreading effects, a bit of magic history, and even puzzles. Also included is a bonus book of 50 amazing illusions detailing tricks anyone can do with little or no sleight of hand or special equipment.

2 card
You have two cards, one face up and the other face down.

Spectators bets he knows which face down and looses every time







The Magic & Illusion show poster

We will be happy to sign any item purchased just let us
know who to make it out to.
















Wes Iseli 8x10
We will be happy to sign any item purchased just let us
know who to make it out to.











Trick Of the Month




The Trick of the Month includes:

  • 12 monthly email Video Lessons
    -Wes will teach you card tricks, coin tricks,
    tricks you can make and more.....
  • A free trick Deck of Cards
  • A DVD Promo of the Magic & Illusion Show
  • A Membership Card that will get you discounts on other Magic from WESISELI.COM



Miracles of the Bible
Imagine going up in front of your Sunday school class and telling a story of a miracle being performed  in the bible then being able to illustrate that with a modern day illusion. Recreating the events from the past and making it more than just a story and then end by saying this is only an illusion and only God can perform miracles. This lesson will soon not be forgotten. 

This is what I wanted to create with this Illusion kit. Five stories of miracles from the bible and recreating them using illusion to make them more memorable and to have a more lasting impression. 

This is my way of making the learning of bible stories fun and entertaining instead of droil and possibly boring as in the way I have heard stories in the past read in a monotone, sleep inducing voice.

Each kit is hand made and comes complete with bible stories, picture illustrations, and the necessary props to help accomplish the illusions. 

In this kit you will learn 5 stories and illusions that include: water to wine (non alcoholic version), loaves & fishes, sweetened the waters, parting the sea, stick to serpent. 



Origami Money Magic - Wes Iseli Magic Virginia

Origami Money Mystery  
Change one item into another - with no skill!
The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a small object inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished! The possibilites are endless
Dlite - Wes iseli magician Virginia
D'lite is one of the best selling magic tricks of all time.
Imagine plucking a glowing ball of red light from anywhere. One second your hands are completely empty and the next second, you've holding a handful of colored light. The light can pass from hand to hand, vanish, etc. Professional magicians all over the world have featured D'Lite in their acts.

$10.00 for 1

$16.00 for 2

D'Lite DVD (Only sold in combo pack)
Learn how to operate a D'lite like a professional magician. 
Now, on this studio-quality DVD you can learn everything from the basic operation of a D'lite to advanced handlings. Routines using one and two D'lites are taught, as are two "medley" performances, one featuring Rocco Silano. An invaluable teaching aid for every D'lite owner.

$25.00 for combo

$10.00 for 1 
 $16.00 for 2 



 $25.00 for combo (Pair of D'Lites and a DVD

Vanishing Crayons - Wes Iseli Magician Virginia

Vanishing Crayons
The Perfect Addition to the Magic Coloring Book Trick

The perfect addition to the magic coloring book trick, or it can also be done as a stand alone effect. Show a box full of crayons and then, visibly, cause the crayons to vanish! These sets of crayons work smoothly and perfectly, every time. Super easy to do! No practice required!
Wes Iseli's on-line magic store

Amazing Coin Vanisher & 4 1/2 Cent Trick
2 tricks for the price of one!
Coin Vanisher - Imagine placing a quarter on your knee and covering it with your fingers, when you open your hand the coin has completely vanished.  
No sleight of hand required!
Magic gimmick included!
Resets in seconds!

* 4 1/2 Cent trick - Have the spectator think of any # and then without the performer knowing what number they're thinking of you tell them you have made a prediction. 
It matches every time!
Easy to do!
Comes with coins!
Wes Iseli's Voodoo Blister Magic Trick

Voodoo Blister
The performer tells a story about the power of VOODOO. The performer then traces their hand and asks the spectator to pick a finger on the drawing and to place an X on the finger tip then trace over the X again and again causing friction. The performer then shows a blister on that exact finger they picked. 

Was it caused by VOODOO or just a trick?  

Pain free!
Resets in seconds!
Very easy to perform!
Comes with gimmick and 3 routines. 
The Genie Knows Wes Iseli Magic

The Genie Knows
We all know that Genies grant wishes, but did you know they can also predict the future? 

Imagine you give the pack of cards to the spectator with an instruction sheet with 7 steps to follow. During the effect they are cutting to a random number in the pack and mixing up the remaining cards, yet still the Genie card will reveal the chosen card in the end. 

This trick is very easy to do & does not require sleight of hand or hours of practice. 

The trick resets in seconds. 

Everything is examinable in the end.

Newspaper Mouth Coils
You tear two small pieces of newspaper and place them in your mouth. As you pull them out, they turn into a looong  garland that will reach all the way across the stage. You end up with more than you could possibly hold in your mouth. 12 coils per pack
Outlaw Poker  Magic Trick - Wes Iseli Charlottesville Virginia

Imagine winning at poker every time, whether
you deal or not. 

Playing 3 different games: stud poker, draw poker, or face up face down cards. The magician will win every time. 

No reset required, No sleight of hand required, you will be able to perform the effect in seconds. 

Everything is examinable before and after the trick!
Wes Iseli Magician Virginia

The Bermuda Circle
We have all heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, but have you ever heard of the Bermuda Circle? 

It is Mysterious & Magical and totally examinable. 

Imagine you have a spectator hold a CD / DVD disc (The Bermuda Circle)  and you lace a piece of rope through the center hole as you hold each end in your hands. On the count of 3 the rope passes straight through the Disc leaving you with the rope and the spectator holding the disc. 

This routine is amazing and it is a real fooler. 

Nothing to reset, always ready to go. 

Everything is examinable before and after the effect. 
Wes Iseli 0n line magic trick products

The Haunted Dollar Bill 
"The bill moves on it's own in your hand!"

Imagine taking a bill and placing it in the palm of your hand and the bill folds not once, not twice, but three times in your hand as if a ghost was causing this to happen. 

The instructions will even show you how to hand the bill out for examination!

Very visual magic!

Very easy to do!

Resets in seconds!
Wes Iseli - Magic Tricks

The $10.00
Bar Bet
Imagine having a card chosen then placed back into the pack. You mix up the cards then hand them the pack to shuffle and you tell them their card will end up back on top of the pack; if not you will give them $10.00. No matter what happens you win every time. 

A truly amazing trick!

This one excites every audience!

Easy to do!
Wes Iseli Magician

I know you're thirsty
You place a closed  paper bag on the table which has a can of soda in it. You then show 5 playing cards with different drinks listed on each. You shuffle them up and tell the spectator to choose any card, you turn that card face up and ask the spectator to open the paper bag and the drinks match. 

Works every time!

No sleight of hand required!

Packs small & plays big!







Wes Iseli - Lecture Notes Magician

Restaurant Magic for the Real World  Lecture Notes 

Bonus Magic 2 tricks free with purchase 

The $10.00
Bar Bet, 

Outlaw Poker

These lecture notes are for anyone looking into performing magic in restaurants. You don't have to live in a big city or a tourist town to make it as a restaurant magician. 

These lecture notes deal with approaching the restaurant, what to expect in this line of work, handling tips, contracts, advertising, & more. 

These lecture notes also cover several of my favorite timeless restaurant routines in magic
Wes Iseli - Lecture Notes Magician

50 Money Making and Marketing Tips Booklet
50 Money Making and Marketing Tips for any Entertainer 

This was a lecture I brought out when I was asked to headline at the FCM convention is Ohio.

Wes Iseli has created a booklet filled with 50 ways to use your magic skills to make money in the real world. Whether you're a balloon artist, face painter, or magician, a beginner or pro, there is a ton of information that will get you thinking differently about how you market yourself and who you market to.

*You will learn how to advertise in new places for free and have other people do the work for you * You will learn over 40 different types of shows you could be doing now * New and creative ways to advertise at the gig your're already working * and more

You will learn how to take your current shows and make more out of them as well as getting them to give out your cards while singing your praise. This book can only be written by someone who has worked almost every venue there is out there and has 17 years as a full time magician under his belt. If you want to work, Buy this book!
Wes Iseli - Lecture Notes Magician

Love Story  

Wes Iseli's Magic with a message series 

A huge hit at this years FCM Ohio Convention.

"It's a great effect, I wish I thought of that" Duane Laflin

Effect: Several cards are shown to depict scenes from famous love stories from the past. John Smith & Pocahontas, Lancelot & Guinevere, Mark Anthony & Cleopatra, Romeo & Juliet, Etc... The cards are turned face down and placed under the pile after each is shown, then dealt out until one card remains. You then talk about that card “forbidden love Etc”. You then shuffle and deal the cards again ending on THE CARD with GOD having the world in his hands.

Then Say: But there is one love story that has been going on since the beginning of time. This story is known the world over in every country on every continent. There have been more books & movies written about this love story than any other. It is a different kind of love a love we can’t even comprehend it is (turn Over the card) GOD’S LOVE John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

This packet trick can't be any easier and will quickly become one of your favorites. The trick also comes with a wallet to carry your cards in. This effect is made by Wes Iseli, not available anywhere else. I am only asking $10.00.
Wes Iseli love story

Love Story  

Jumbo Version is now available, these cards are 5x7 and are laminated so they will last forever. The jumbo cards are $25.00.



Card Trick Set

Wes Iseli's Magic & Illusion Card trick set
This is brand new to us and we are super excited about it.

These are a great deal at only $5.00 for the set!

This is brand new to us and we are super excited about it.

This set includes a jumbo 52 on 1 card, a set of computer age cards, a set of 2 card montes, a set of three card montes, a clip card, and more.

These tricks are super easy to perform and there is even a trick or two in the instructions that you can perform with an ordinary deck of cards.
Color Changing Aces

Wes Iseli's Color Changing Aces.
Super easy
to do!

Only $5.00

Imagine showing all 4 aces then placing 2 red aces into the spectator's hand while you hold the 2 black aces. Just by snapping your fingers they switch places. The spectator is now holding the 2 black cards in between their hands and you are left with the 2 red.

Complete instructions included Plus access to a private video tutorial teaching 2 methods

Complete with 4 playing cards but can be done with any 4 of a kind
Impossible Bottles
Style 1 - $45.00

Style 2 - $65.00

Style 3 -  $45.00

Wes Iseli's Impossible Bottles  

Definition: An impossible bottle is a type of mechanical puzzle. It is a bottle that has an object inside it that does not appear to fit through the mouth of the bottle. The glass cannot be cut or blown around the objects.

Your order may need to be made from scratch. You should have it within 2 weeks of your order.

My newest endeavor in the field of creativity and art is Impossible Bottles. I enjoy crafting and making things with my hands (I think I get this from my mom, I grew up seeing her painting, knitting, and creating projects all the time). These bottles are a nightmare! While making them I am consumed with feelings of being overwhelmed and just wanting to quit, but once I am done the feeling of accomplishment is well worth it. Each bottle is painstakingly made by hand with hours and hours of work in each one. The pictures below are magic themed with an entire deck of cards sealed inside.

Although I have a few on hand of each style these bottles are made to order. Please be aware that the bottle you order may need to be made from scratch and you should have it within 2 weeks of your order.

I am currently selling 3 styles (from left to right);

1) deck of cards with a hold drilled through held together with tag on outside

2) deck of cards sealed in a bottle with cork

3) deck of cards in bottle


Style 1 $45.00
Style 2 $65.00
Style 3 $65.00