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 Origami Money Mystery – $4.00
Change one item into another – with no skill!
The magician opens a set of folded papers and places a small object inside. The papers are then re-folded. Upon opening the package of papers again, everyone is astonished to find the small object has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished! The possibilites are endless

D’lite is one of the best selling magic tricks of all time.

Imagine plucking a glowing ball of red light from anywhere. One second your hands are completely empty and the next second, you’ve holding a handful of colored light. The light can pass from hand to hand, vanish, etc. Professional magicians all over the world have featured D’Lite in their acts.

D’Lite $10.00 for 1

D’Lite $16.00 for 2

D’Lite DVD (Only sold in combo pack)
Learn how to operate a D’lite like a professional magician.
Now, on this studio-quality DVD you can learn everything from the basic operation of a D’lite to advanced handlings. Routines using one and two D’lites are taught, as are two “medley” performances, one featuring Rocco Silano. An invaluable teaching aid for every D’lite owner.

D’Lite $25.00 Combo(pair of D’Lites and DVD)

 Vanishing Crayons – $5.00
The Perfect Addition to the Magic Coloring Book Trick

The perfect addition to the magic coloring book trick, or it can also be done as a stand alone effect.

Show a box full of crayons and then, visibly, cause the crayons to vanish!

These sets of crayons work smoothly and perfectly, every time.

Super easy to do! No practice required!

 Amazing Coin Vanisher & 4 1/2 Cent Trick 2 tricks for the price of one!- $5.00
Coin Vanisher – Imagine placing a quarter on your knee and covering it with your fingers, when you open your hand the coin has completely vanished.
No sleight of hand required!
Magic gimmick included!
Resets in seconds!

* 4 1/2 Cent trick – Have the spectator think of any # and then without the performer knowing what number they’re thinking of you tell them you have made a prediction.
It matches every time!
Easy to do!
Comes with coins!

 Voodoo Blister – $5.00
The performer tells a story about the power of VOODOO. The performer then traces their hand and asks the spectator to pick a finger on the drawing and to place an X on the finger tip then trace over the X again and again causing friction. The performer then shows a blister on that exact finger they picked.
Was it caused by VOODOO or just a trick?
Pain free!
Resets in seconds!
Very easy to perform!
Comes with gimmick and 3 routines.

 The Genie Knows – $5.00

We all know that Genies grant wishes, but did you know they can also predict the future?

Imagine you give the pack of cards to the spectator with an instruction sheet with 7 steps to follow.

During the effect they are cutting to a random number in the pack and mixing up the remaining cards, yet still the Genie card will reveal the chosen card in the end.

This trick is very easy to do & does not require sleight of hand or hours of practice.

The trick resets in seconds.

Everything is examinable in the end.

 Newspaper Mouth Coils – $6.00
You tear two small pieces of newspaper and place them in your mouth.

As you pull them out, they turn into a looong garland that will reach all the way across the stage.

You end up with more than you could possibly hold in your mouth. 12 coils per pack

Outlaw Poker – $5.00
Imagine winning at poker every time, whether
you deal or not.
Playing 3 different games: stud poker, draw poker, or face up face down cards. The magician will win every time.
No reset required, No sleight of hand required, you will be able to perform the effect in seconds.
Everything is examinable before and after the trick

The Bermuda Circle – $7.00
We have all heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, but have you ever heard of the Bermuda Circle?

It is Mysterious & Magical and totally examinable.
Imagine you have a spectator hold a CD / DVD disc (The Bermuda Circle) and you lace a piece of rope through the center hole as you hold each end in your hands. On the count of 3 the rope passes straight through the Disc leaving you with the rope and the spectator holding the disc.

This routine is amazing and it is a real fooler.
Nothing to reset, always ready to go.
Everything is examinable before and after the effect.

 The Haunted Dollar Bill  – $5.00
“The bill moves on it’s own in your hand!”

Imagine taking a bill and placing it in the palm of your hand and the bill folds not once, not twice, but three times in your hand as if a ghost was causing this to happen.
The instructions will even show you how to hand the bill out for examination!
Very visual magic!
Very easy to do!
Resets in seconds!

The $10.00 Bar Bet – $2.00
Imagine having a card chosen then placed back into the pack. You mix up the cards then hand them the pack to shuffle and you tell them their card will end up back on top of the pack; if not you will give them $10.00. No matter what happens you win every time.
A truly amazing trick!
This one excites every audience!
Easy to do!

 I know you’re thirsty – $5.00
You place a closed paper bag on the table which has a can of soda in it. You then show 5 playing cards with different drinks listed on each. You shuffle them up and tell the spectator to choose any card, you turn that card face up and ask the spectator to open the paper bag and the drinks match.
Works every time!
No sleight of hand required!
Packs small & plays big!

 Restaurant Magic for the Real World Lecture Notes – $20.00
Bonus Magic 2 tricks free with purchase
The $10.00 Bar Bet & Outlaw PokerPacks
These lecture notes are for anyone looking into performing magic in restaurants. You don’t have to live in a big city or a tourist town to make it as a restaurant magician.These lecture notes deal with approaching the restaurant, what to expect in this line of work, handling tips, contracts, advertising, & more.These lecture notes also cover several of my favorite timeless restaurant routines in magic

 50 Money Making and Marketing Tips Booklet- $10.00
50 Money Making and Marketing Tips for any Entertainer
This was a lecture I brought out when I was asked to headline at the FCM convention is Ohio.

Wes Iseli has created a booklet filled with 50 ways to use your magic skills to make money in the real world. Whether you’re a balloon artist, face painter, or magician, a beginner or pro, there is a ton of information that will get you thinking differently about how you market yourself and who you market to.

You will learn how to advertise in new places for free and have other people do the work for you * You will learn over 40 different types of shows you could be doing now * New and creative ways to advertise at the gig your’re already working * and more

You will learn how to take your current shows and make more out of them as well as getting them to give out your cards while singing your praise. This book can only be written by someone who has worked almost every venue there is out there and has 17 years as a full time magician under his belt. If you want to work, Buy this book!

 Love Story – $10.00
Wes Iseli’s Magic with a message series
A huge hit at this years FCM Ohio Convention.
“It’s a great effect, I wish I thought of that”, Duane Laflin

Effect: Several cards are shown to depict scenes from famous love stories from the past. John Smith & Pocahontas, Lancelot & Guinevere, Mark Anthony & Cleopatra, Romeo & Juliet, Etc… The cards are turned face down and placed under the pile after each is shown, then dealt out until one card remains. You then talk about that card “forbidden love Etc”. You then shuffle and deal the cards again ending on THE CARD with GOD having the world in his hands.

Then Say: But there is one love story that has been going on since the beginning of time. This story is known the world over in every country on every continent. There have been more books & movies written about this love story than any other. It is a different kind of love a love we can’t even comprehend it is (turn Over the card) GOD’S LOVE John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

This packet trick can’t be any easier and will quickly become one of your favorites. The trick also comes with a wallet to carry your cards in. This effect is made by Wes Iseli, not available anywhere else. I am only asking $10.00.

Jumbo Version is now available, these cards are 5×7 and are laminated so they will last forever. The jumbo cards are $25.00.

 Wes Iseli’s Impossible Bottles – 3 Styles
Definition: An impossible bottle is a type of mechanical puzzle. It is a bottle that has an object inside it that does not appear to fit through the mouth of the bottle. The glass cannot be cut or blown around the objects.

My newest endeavor in the field of creativity and art is Impossible Bottles. I enjoy crafting and making things with my hands (I think I get this from my mom, I grew up seeing her painting, knitting, and creating projects all the time). These bottles are a nightmare! While making them I am consumed with feelings of being overwhelmed and just wanting to quit, but once I am done the feeling of accomplishment is well worth it. Each bottle is painstakingly made by hand with hours and hours of work in each one. The pictures below are magic themed with an entire deck of cards sealed inside.Although I have a few on hand of each style these bottles are made to order. Please be aware that the bottle you order may need to be made from scratch and you should have it within 2 weeks of your order.

I am currently selling 3 styles (from left to right);

1) Style 1 – $45.00 – deck of cards with a hold drilled through held together with tag on outside


2) Style 2 – $65.00 – deck of cards sealed in a bottle with cork


3) Style 3 – $45.00 – deck of cards in bottle

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