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Professors Nightmare – $4.00
Now you can perform one of the most popular rope tricks of all time.
Show three lengths of rope, each of a different length. One is long, the second is of medium length, and the third is a short piece.
Gathering the ropes together, you give them a deft tug. As if made of rubber, the ropes magically stretch and shrink. They are now all the same length! The ropes are counted, each one seen to be the same length as the others. Then, just as magically, they revert to their original state – three unequal ropes! Everything can now be examined. The Professors’ Nightmare is easy to learn from these illustrated step-by-step instructions. All of the necessary details have been described and illustrated. Three pieces of special, professional-grade rope have also been included so you can get started right away!

101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck Book – $3.00
This terrific booklet will show you 101 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious magical tools.
The Svengali Deck. Don’t limit your use of this fabulous deck to one or two effects.
With this booklet, you can learn to use the special secret of the Svengali Deck to perform incredible feats.
Learn such effects as: Mind reading, Bigger and Better, The Svengali Tap, The Svengali Scramble,
The Telepathic Tattle, Bottom’s Up, Good Vibrations and many, many more!
You can look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just a few short moments.

Svengali Deck – $5.00
The most popular trick deck of all time.
A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch!
The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck.

The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack – but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again!

101 Tricks with a Stripper Deck- $3.00
Amaze your friends and family without years of practice!
The Stripper Deck has been a magical classic for many years, but why limit yourself to a few effects?
The routines and suggestions within this booklet will help you to perform like a professional without learning any complicated sleight-of-hand.
Use the special secret of the Stripper Deck to: magically separate an entire suit from a fully shuffled deck,
Use your incredible sense of touch to feel and identify the spectator’s card, instantly find any card that has been hidden and shuffled into the deck, communicate with “invisible spirits” that will report the selected card’s location, mentally force a group of people to think that they all selected the same card and perform many other amazing feats!

Stripper Deck- $5.00
Perform incredible feats of card magic which will make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes.

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician then lets the SPECTATOR shuffle the deck completely losing their card in the middle of the pack.The deck is then handed back to the magician who cuts the cards one time and the selected card magically rises to the top of the deck!

The card is then placed back in the middle of the pack and shuffled again by the spectator.Magically the magician takes the pack and removes the spectators selected card right out of the middle of the deck!

This effect can be immediately repeated with a different card!

Lucifer’s Wallet – $25.00
A traditional fire wallet, at an attractive price.

The magician removes his wallet from his pocket. When he opens the wallet, flames leap out of it!

The magician closes the wallet and when he opens it again, everything appears above board.

The wallet appears ordinary in every way.

Everyday Objects DVD – $15.00
On this DVD, you’ll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with items available around the house.
And no complicated sleight of hand is required! In fact, these bafflers are, for the most part, entirely impromptu.

After watching this DVD, you’ll be able to make magic with everyday objects just about any time and anywhere.
With DVD Technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

This DVD will teach you how to:
-Predict the rolls of a set of dice!
-Tear a paper napkin to shreds and then, suddenly, make it whole again!
-Cause your personal information to materialize on blank business -cards!
-Make a rubber band penetrate through your flesh!
-And much, much more

Instant Miracles DVD- $15.00
Miracle-making made easy!With the techniques and methods explained on Instant Miracles, you will learn classic, stunning magic tricks
– easily. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to conjure with items found around the house, at a
restaurant or even in your pocket. No special props are required. While the tricks on this DVD pack a wallop, none of them require complicated sleight of hand to accomplish.

Each effect you will learn was selected because it is both unfathomable to the uninitiated spectator, and is
easy to perform, even for beginning magicians. It is this combination of easy-to-do yet powerful tricks that
makes Instant Miracles an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of magic.

On this DVD you will learn:
-Mind reading via cell phone!
-How to levitate a borrowed pencil!
-To pull a coin through a spectator’s tightly clenched fist!
-How to cut and restore an unprepared length of rope!
-To predict the numbers on three randomly-rolled dice!
-And much more!

Money DVD- $15.00
On this DVD, you’ll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with everyone’s favorite ordinary item – money. Bills and coins grab interest immediately, and can be rustled up at a moment’s notice, making the tricks on this DVD ready to perform practically any time and anywhere. And best of all, there’s no difficult sleight of hand to learn.
With DVD Technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames, jumping to specific
performances and explanations, mastering these tricks becomes elementary for everyone.

This DVD will teach you how to:
-Balance a dollar bill on your hand and cause it to slowly lay down on command!
-Push a pencil through the center of a bill yet leave no hole!
-Vanish a marked penny from one hand and cause it to appear under the other!
-Cause two bills to melt through each other – right under a spectator’s nose!-And much, much more!

For more information click here

Cards DVD- $15.00
Armed with an ordinary deck of cards and the information on this DVD, you’ll gain a reputation as a master magician in no time.

This broadcast quality program teaches you how to perform incredible feats any time, and anywhere – with any deck. And best of all, no complicated sleight of hand is involved.

With DVD technology, learning magic is easier than ever. By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations and performances, it becomes simple to master the fundamentals of these marvelous magic tricks.

This DVD will teach you how to:
-See into the future by naming the card a spectator will select!
-Discover the identity of a chosen card by simply feeling a spectator’s pulse!
-Predict which hour of the day someone will name by making a clock dial out of cards!
-Repeatedly deal yourself a winning poker hand and then a Royal Flush in Spades!
-And much, much more.

Simply Psychic DVD- $15.00
Simply Psychic is the finest introduction to mental magic on DVD, from the art’s finest practitioner – Ross

Imagine reaching inside someone’s head and discovering his innermost thoughts. On Simply Psychic, Ross Johnson performs and explains the impossible the unexplainable.
The effects on Simply Psychic are as evocative and thought-provoking as they are entertaining — not mere magic tricks. Best of all, they’re aimed at the beginning mentalist, and require few, if any special props.
Ross’ clear and concise teaching makes every effect easy to understand. Each explanation is peppered with
carefully considered, professional advice, hints and tips – salient points that professionals will find invaluable.
Watch Simply Psychic, learn the material and perform.
It’s that simple.

On this DVD you will learn:
-How to interrupt the thought and speech patterns of an entire audience – psychically!
-To predict the outcome of future events, including the flip of a coin and the selection of a card!
-What a spectator will do before even he knows!
-And much, much more!

Art of Levitation DVD- $15.00
Touch the sky!

With the techniques and methods explained on The Art of Levitation you can learn how to levitate. Not just
small objects, even yourself!

This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to cause objects to float in space,
defying the law of gravity.

You’ll learn the basics of the Art of Levitation, and beyond. Magician Arthur Tracy will teach you, step-by step,
the inner-workings of these incredible tricks, many of them modern-day classics of magic.

What’s more, Tracy has given each of these effects an original twist or original presentation, breathing new
life into them.

On this DVD you will learn how to:
-Animate a borrowed finger ring!
-Suspend a drinking straw on the edge of the table!
-Spin a card around your body!
-Float inches off the ground with no special props or preparation!
-Cause a card to rise from the pack – even while it is isolated in a wine glass!
-Levitate a borrowed dollar bill and produce a ball bearing from it!
-And much more!

Fun Magic Coloring Book – $8.00
One of the finest tricks in magic.

A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures – by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled in the black and white pictures! For a fitting finale, all the pages change back to their original state – blank!

The Royal Magic Coloring book is the finest on the market. Changes from blank pages to outlined pages to
colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease. If you can flip through a book, you can perform this astonishing trick!

The Color Changing Magic Wand- $5.00
One of the easiest tricks to perform.

This is a nice quality good looking black magic wand with brass tips.

All you do is wave your hand over it and the wand changes to a red magic wand with brass tips. Super easy!

A must have for any magician!

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